MARCH Caravan 6 Pack Of Cigars Pack

MARCH Caravan 6 Pack Of Cigars Pack

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Here It Is!!! The Caravan 6 Pack Monthly Special!! 

6 Cigars Every Month at a Price YOU CAN’T BEAT...PERIOD!! Some of the TOP brands to your door EVERY MONTH!! 

Here’s how it works, you purchase your initial “buy in” through our online shop for $45.99 shipped to your door.

We aren’t including your every day cigar brands either. We are making sure every month will have a great selection you have come to expect from us! 

Now when it comes to renewing, you will receive an email the first of the month to your inbox. You will have 7 days to pay it and if it’s paid within that 7 days then you will be on the shipping list for THAT MONTH.
If you want to take a month off or you will be away then just email us and let us know or it’s as simple as just not paying it for the month.

No Contract, No Pressure!! Just great cigars you have come to expect from us at Caravan at a great price!!

Guaranteed 6 Cigars Per Month!!